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Frequenty Asked Questions

  • While you don't have to use the waist trainer belt, we strongly recommend it to maximize your results.

  • People of all shapes and sizes can get results with SweatZone! But if you have questions about adding SweatZone to your routine, please consult a doctor or physician prior to use.

  • Yes, your SweatZone belt should be cleaned after each use. To remove the balm, clean with warm water and mild liquid soap or for a gentle cleansing use our Biodegradable Sweat Wipes.

  • No, right now we only have one size but we are working on creating more options so we can help people of all sizes.

  • We recommend showering within four hours after using SweatZone.

  • We are sorry to hear that and welcome feedback so we can improve our products. We offer 100% moneyback guaranteed. Just email so we can help.

  • Are you applying enough? We recommend applying an ample amount so you can have a good layer to help trap in heat. If you are only swiping it a few times, that is not enough.

  • If you are only wearing it under your Waist Trimmer, then you are fine. It's unlikely to happen when using the Workout Enhancing Balm alone but it is possible. We recommend you wear loose-fitting clothing so your skin and clothes can breathe.

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